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Let's talk about Mental Health

We’ve come a long way in our ability as a nation to talk openly about mental health. Thanks to a growing awareness of the importance of diet, exercise, connection with people and nature, there are now many known ways to implement balance into everyday life...

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Getting Social for Mental Health

We talk to Casey Ravenwood of Social Clothing store, about her journey in the creation of the annual fundraising luncheon - Social Sessions, raising money for mental health in the Queenstown community. QC: Hi Casey – its nice to chat as always! Before we get...

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Training for Queenstown Marathon

This year’s Queenstown Marathon is set to take place on Saturday 19 November 2022. Tickets are in hot demand so if you’re considering getting involved now is the time to sign-up and get started on your training plan. We’re told, you don’t need to be...

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Top Reads for Winter

Have your ever walked into a Whitcoulls store, seen the “Joan’s Picks” book selection on-shelf and wondered - just who is this Joan and why is she so spot-on with her book recommendations? Whitcoulls Head Book Buyer, Joan (pictured above), has been buying books all...

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Tips for surviving Dry July

If you’re thinking about embarking on Dry July this year, firstly well done! Going "dry" for July is a great way to hit pause on drinking habits while also raising money for those affected by Cancer. Think of it as giving your liver a little...

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Essential Herbs for Autumn

Nature knows everything. When the weather outside is hot, we tend toward holding heat in the body. Tropical cooling fruits like watermelons and tomatoes will grow to cool us. When it's winter, warming foods such as pumpkins start to bloom to nourish and warm us...

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