Queenstown Central offers FREE 1-hour and 3-hour parking.
Basement parking is also available underneath Kmart.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking can be located:
• Kmart entrance (in front of Mooch store)
• Kmart basement (lift access to Kmart foyer)
• The Market (in front of Merchants Liquor)
• Main carpark (in front of Macpac)

Parking Breach

We do our best to ensure there is ample parking for the Centre customers. In order to do this the car park is monitored by Parking Enforcement Services.
If you overstay your parking allowance this can incur a $65 fine. Payment is required within 21 days.
If you have a query in regard to a parking notice please feel free to contact Parking Enforcement Services on 0800 727 536.

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