Twisted Tonic

Twisted Tonic was born with a fascination for medicinal mushrooms. Not only because these intelligent little organisms are essential for our planet as they guard the ecosystem, connect food chains, and are considered one of the primary pillars of the food web, but because they’re incredible at regulating our immune systems and bringing the body back to a state of homeostasis (which is vital for this fast-paced and overstimulating lifestyle many of us are living).

By answering a call to bring kitchen medicine back into the lives of those in my community, Twisted Tonic was established. A farm-to-cup smoothie business running out of Soulfood Organic in Frankton, Queenstown, using only the highest quality organic ingredients – because your body deserves the best.

Bringing to locals and tourists alike the education and pure deliciousness of these tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, I only hope that while customers support small and local, it supports them right back by bringing health and vitality back into their body and mind.

Twisted Tonic are located in Soul Food Organic at The Market, Queenstown Central.

Shop B-05

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Opening Hours

Wednesday – Friday | 10am-2pm