Fierce Grace Yoga – now streaming LIVE

While we’re all held in the captivity of our Covid-19 bubbles, Fierce Grace have cleverly come up with LIVE STREAMING Yoga classes, so you can practice yoga from the comfort of your living room.

Its important to maintain physical and mental health in these uncertain times and yoga offers a time to reconnect your heart body and mind, breathe and be calm.

It’s easy to sign up – just follow the instructions below. Hope to see you on the mat!

How do I join?  👇

1. Create an FG Queenstown account via our website if you haven’t already got one.

2. Download our Fierce Grace Queenstown App and login.

3. Buy one of their online passes. Book a convenient class. (Members – check your emails)

4. Create a Zoom account and download the app. We recommend using a laptop for a bigger screen but a mobile is fine too.

4. We will send you an email with a link to join each class you book, 15 minutes before the class starts.

What are the costs?

These classes are temporary and can be purchased on a casual “per class” basis.

Tips for getting ready for class at home

Set your space up with your yoga mat parallel to the camera. Pop on some tunes if you feel like it, and get the room cosy to your preferred temperature. If you don’t have any yoga props at home, get creative – books can work as blocks and a dressing gown belt for a strap – whatever works for you.

Have your drink bottle handy.

Fierce Grace will send you an email 15 minutes before your booked class is due to start, with a link to join the online “zoom” studio. Be ready and on your mat 5 – 10 minutes prior as you would for a studio class.